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Courses in the Upcoming Summer Term 2018

Wednesday, 04. April 2018

In the upcoming summer term, the ISE team is teaching multiple courses. Information regarding registration and other organizational aspects are provided on the courses' ISIS-pages or the kick-off lectures. Please find an overview of all offered courses below. If you are excited about our topics, we hope to see you in our courses!

ISE Courses SS18
Anwendungssysteme (AWS)
18.04 2pm
EB 301
Privacy Engineering (PENG)
19.04 12pm
MAR 4063
Projekt "Cloud Prototyping" (CP)
17.04 2pm
MAR 0008
Projekt "Praxisprojekt Anwendungssysteme" (PAS)
16.04 2pm
MAR 0002
Information Governance (IG)

16.04 12pm
MA 043

Application Systems Project in the summer term 2018

Wednesday, 04. April 2018

In the summer term 2018 we will offer for the course „Application Systems Project“ the following projects:


  • Virtual Reality in the Insurance branch with adesso AG Deutschland
    supervised by the chair ISE

  • CITES Blockchain Challenge with adesso AG Schweiz
    supervised by the chair ISE

  • Whizbag Projekt with the startup Whizbag in Berlin
    supervised by the chair IKM


The number of participants is limited to availability. The selection of candidates and the arrangement of the teams is therefore connected to an application process. 

We will present the project topics in a kick-off event on April 16, 2pm in room MAR 0.002.


Discontinuation of Advanced Enterprise Computing

Monday, 26. February 2018

Due to human resource constraints, the module Advanced Enterprise Computing (AEC) will not be offered during the summer term 2018. The module is omitted without substitution.
In case of outstanding repeat tests, we will offer oral examinations. For appointments, please contact our secretary’s office.
The module Advanced Enterprise Computing (AEC) and Enterprise Computing (EC) will both be subject to rework during the restructuring of our teaching portfolio. From winter term 2018/19 on, both modules will be merged and offered as module Enterprise Computing (EC).
Further information regarding our new ISE-teaching portfolio can be found here.

Project „Cloud Prototyping“ (CP) in Summer Term 2018

Thursday, 12. April 2018

This semester we will run a joint project course together with the chair of mobile cloud computing.

Registration and student-to-project assignment process for both modules, Cloud Prototyping and Fog Computing Project, as well as all organizational details will be announced in a shared ISIS course.

The ISE team will offer a project in the area of blockchain based access control.

The (joint) kick-off meeting will be on April 17, 14h (s.t.) in room MAR 0.008.

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