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Enterprise Computing


The module introduces students to design, implementation, and assessment of large-scale IT systems in different application domains, such as e-Commerce, social computing, automotive, energy networks, etc.
A major theme of the course will be the evaluation of technical system criteria, such as performance, scalability, data consistency, security, and availability as well as their interplay with economic criteria, in particular, cost of system operation. Hereby, an emphasis is put on NoSQL data management technologies. To further assess functional and non-functional properties of such systems, benchmarking approaches and techniques are developed.
The course also introduces students to blockchain-technologies as a new type of platform for decentralized applications and related cryptoeconomic concepts.


Master Studenten aus den Studiengängen Wirtschaftsinformatik, Informatik und Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen


Integrierte Veranstaltung (VL + UE), 4 SWS

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