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Best Paper Award at ICSOC'21

Thursday, 25. November 2021

We are pleased to announce that Jonathan Heiß, Anselm Busse, and Stefan Taihave been awarded the Best Paper Award at this year's International Conference on Service-Oriented Computing 2021 (ICSOC'21). The core of the paper, Trustworthy Pre-Processing of Sensor Data in Data On-chaining Workflows for Blockchain-based IoT Applications, is the design and technical implementation of a solution for preprocessing sensor data as part of data provisioning in smart contract-based IoT applications. In such applications, sensor data is typically preprocessed before being provided to a smart contract due to its large volume and to ensure confidential information remains private. However, naive preprocessing presents an attack surface for data manipulation by a malicious data provider. To address this problem, the authors propose a model for trustworthy preprocessing that enables end-to-end sensor data integrity in data-on-chain workflows to be verified by the smart contract, making it traceable to all involved stakeholders. The feasibility of the model is demonstrated using two different technological approaches: using ZoKrates-based zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) and hardware-assisted trusted execution environments (TEEs). Corresponding proof-of-concept implementations and initial experiments in a test environment will also provide first insights into the security and performance aspects of the two technologies.


Trustworthy Pre-Processing of Sensor Data in Data On-chaining Workflows for Blockchain-based IoT Applications

Jonathan Heiss and Anselm Busse and Stefan Tai

Service-Oriented Computing, 19th International Conference on Service-Oriented Computing. Springer International Publishing, 627–640. 2021

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