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SMILE - Supporting MIgration to ServerLess Environments

Friday, 31. January 2020

The continuous development and operation of distributed systems, considering the management of cost, performance and scaling, presents a major challenge. Currently, concepts and technologies of cloud computing and service-oriented architectures are being used to meet this challenge, Cloud computing is now used in almost every industry.

A novel approach to cloud computing is serverless computing, with users merely defining the functionality of their application while building on environment services. All other levels of operation are invisible to the developer since responsibilities such as an on-demand scaling can be taken over by the cloud provider. Companies such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft are marketing a version of this technology under the name "Function-as-a-Service (FaaS)", but also in the form of highly optimized data analysis systems such as "Big-Query".

The aim of the SMILE project is to provide methodological and technical support for migrating to serverless environments. The project aims to create a serverless migration framework (SMF) that will allow parts of traditional (cloud) applications to be migrated to a serverless infrastructure. The project will initially focus on data-intensive analysis applications. SMILE is carried out in cooperation with the IAV GmbH, is one of the leading development partners for the automotive industry in Germany.


SMILE is a Software Campus Project funded by BMBF. The project started on 1.2.2020 and will be funded under the High-Tech Strategy 2025 for 15 months. More Information at: https://ise-smile.github.io/.

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