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Cloud Service Benchmarking

The advent of cloud computing has disruptively changed the way modern application systems are developed and delivered, but it has also shifted control over key parts of an application system to the cloud provider: Cloud consumers typically have to treat the cloud infrastructure that they are using as a black-box. As a consequence, the quality of the cloud infrastructure often is unpredictable, changes over time, and can vary significantly between different cloud providers.

In this project, we develop novel techniques and toolkits for cloud service benchmarking, especially of cloud storages services, to study complex service qualities and their interdependencies. We also aim to use this knowledge to help cloud consumers deal with variable cloud quality levels.

Current Activities:

  • In the sub-project BenchFoundry: A framework for Cloud Database Benchmarking, we are working on a novel benchmarking middleware. Today, each benchmark needs to be implemented for each database platform. With BenchFoundry  we aim to provide a toolkit which can run arbitrary application-driven benchmarks against a range of cloud database services – ranging from simple key-value stores up to full relational database systems. This sub-project is in cooperation with Akon Dey (University of Sydney, Awake Networks Inc.).
  • We are currently working on a book with the working title Cloud Benchmarking: Demystifying Quality of Cloud Infrastructure Services which is scheduled to appear in early 2017. With this book, we will offer the first comprehensive overview of cloud service benchmarking. Starting with a broad introduction to the field, this book aims to walk the reader step-by-step through the process of designing, implementing and executing a benchmark as well as understanding and dealing with results. The book will be co-authored by Erik Wittern (IBM Research).
  • We are also working on a number of concrete benchmarking sub-projects. For instance, we are currently benchmarking the quality impacts of enabling security features in cloud datastores or trying to understand the quality of web APIs and how they impact applications.

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