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Microservice Platforms

The project Microservice Platforms is a research initiative in the area of microservice architectures and serverless computing that advances the State-of-the-Art of web engineering and cloud service engineering. Main goals of this project are the design and development of new methods, tools and platforms which facilitate continuous deployment, exchange, integration, and operations of microservices across the boundaries of organizations.


Microservice architectures enable organizations to build modern, loosely coupled applications which are based on DevOps best practices and use abstracted infrastructure technology, e.g., Docker containers, cloud services, etc. The emerging style of "Serverless" architectures promises to deliver autonomous applications ("NoOps") and can be viewed as a subform of Microservice architecture that allows to speed up application development and reduce cost of development and operations even more.

Research focus:

  • The design and development of open source microservice development and managment tools as well as microservice platform components are the main focus of our research. We work on building the tools and services that help architects, developers, and administrators to design application architectures, develop microservices more quickly, and operate them with good stability and little effort.
  • We currently work on an open decentralized marketplace where microservices can be exchanged. An open service marketplace is an age-old dream of the service-oriented computing community which, however, never really materialized. With emerging web, container, and cloud technologies and the increasing adoption of microservice architectures, we believe that the time is ripe to re-think this idea and build an open and distributed marketplace platform where participants can effortlessly publish, discover, and exchange microservices.
  • Migrating existing monolithic applications to (cloud-based) Microservice or even Serverless architectures is non-trivial: an existing silo application needs to be broken down into individually deployable components which is a challenging task that can hardly be automated. We work on the development of methods and tools that assist and partially automate such migration processes.

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