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Courses in the Upcoming Winter Term 2019

Friday, 13. September 2019

In the upcoming winter term, the ISE team will offer multiple courses. Information regarding registration and other organizational aspects are provided on the respective ISIS-pages or the kick-off lectures. Please find an overview of all offered courses below. If you are excited about our topics, we hope to see you in our courses!

ISE Courses WS19
Information Governance (IG)
14.10., 2pm, C 130
Enterprise Computing (EC)
15.10., 10am, MA 041
Continuous Software Engineering (CSE)
15.10.,2pm, MAR 0.002
Project "Cloud Prototyping" (CP)
14.10., 12 noon,
MAR 0.007
Project "Praxisprojekt Anwendungssysteme" (PAS)
14.10., 2pm,
EN 193
Programmierpraktikum *

15.10., 4pm, EN 258
Hot Topics of Information Systems
Engineering (Seminar)
21.10., 12 noon, MAR 0.007

* If you wanna take part in our Programmierpraktikum, you first need to fill out the survey in the meta-course

Application Systems Project - Winter Term 2019

In the winter term 2019 we will offer for the course „Application Systems Project“ the following projects:

  • Blockchain-based platform for validating education certificates
    in cooperation with the Blockchain-Lab of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
    supervised by the ISE chair

  • Data Driven Process Optimization
    in cooperation with the start-up Statistance
    supervised by the IKM chair

The number of participants is limited to availability. The selection of candidates and the arrangement of the teams is therefore connected to an application process. 

We will present the project topics in a kick-off event on October 14, 2pm in room EN 193.

Seminar: Hot Topics in Information Systems Engineering

This upcoming semester, Information Systems Engineering chair will offer master students a seminar about blockchain management.

Blockchain technology enables applications that were not possible to realize before and greatly simplify the design of certain existing applications. This is possible through the unique properties of blockchain technology like immutability, decentralization, and the abstinence of trusted third parties. Therefore, blockchain technology is adopted and used in an increasing amount of applications.

Since the blockchain technology is relatively new, a lot of challenges regarding it are not yet solved. This includes especially the management of private blockchain deployments. This seminar will dive deeper into the questions arising from the challenge of running private blockchains with an enterprise-level service grade. This will include in particular questions regarding:

  • Requirements for blockchain deployments
  • Deployment and maintenance challenges in general
  • Deployment and maintenance challenges in the IoT and IIoT context
  • Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) for blockchains
  • IoT execution environments for blockchains
  • Monitoring of blockchain deployments
  • Reliability and availability of blockchain infrastructure

The Kick-off meeting will be held on the 21.10.2019 at 12:15 in Room MAR 0.007.

Contact Person: Anselm Busse

Cloud Prototyping Project - Winter Term 2019

This term, ISE will offer a project in the area of Blockchain-Benchmarking.

First, the team will identify, survey and understand relevant Blockchain technologies so they can classify them into meaningful categories with distinct properties. In a second step, they will analyze and define which properties could and should be part of a meaningful benchmark for each of these categories of Blockchain systems.

Based on the results, the team will evaluate existing benchmarking solutions, evaluate their weaknesses and develop their own Blockchain-Benchmarking tool to advance the state of the art for one of these classes. Viability of this piece of software will be demonstrated by performing benchmarks for a set of blockchain deployments

The kick-off meeting will take place on Monday, 14.10.2019 at 12 noon in room MAR 0.007, where the topic will be presented in more detail. The number of participants is limited. The selection of candidates is therefore connected to an application process in ISIS.

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