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Courses in the Upcoming Winter Term 2020

Friday, 02. October 2020

In the coming winter semester, ISE will be offering the following courses online. Information on registration deadlines and other organizational matters can be found on the respective ISIS pages. We wish you a good start to the semester and we are pleased that you are interested in our courses!

Please note that due to the current situation, some of our usual courses are not offered, you can find more about this here.

ISE Courses
Information Governance (IG)
Enterprise Computing (EC)
Continuous Software Engineering (CSE) [LV + Seminar]
Distributed Systems Prototyping: Cloud, Fog, Blockchain


Registration from 7.10.-4.11.2020
Cloud Prototyping [Project]

Advanced Distributed Systems Prototyping: Cloud, Fog, Blockchain

Registration from 7.10.-4.11.2020
Cloud Prototyping - Specialisation [Project]

Hot Topics of Information Systems Engineering [Seminar]

Please notice: The previous modules “Praxisprojekt Anwendungssysteme“ (Bachelor) and „Cloud Prototyping“ (Master) are being replaced by the new modules „Distributed Systems Prototyping: Cloud, Fog, Blockchain“ (Bachelor) and „Advanced Distributed Systems Prototyping: Cloud, Fog, Blockchain“ (Master), respectively. Within these new modules, different departments will offer Cloud-, Fog, Blockchain- and other students projects in the area of (distributed) information systems. Detailed information on the projects can be found here.


(Advanced) Distributed Systems Prototyping: Cloud, Fog, Blockchain

Wednesday, 07. October 2020

ISE, MCC, IKM, and SBE offer the following student projects under the umbrella course "(Advanced) Distributed Systems Prototyping: Cloud, Fog, Blockchain“:

Aggregierte Produktbewertungen in Augmented Reality mit Trustami
As part of the ATARI project, product reviews will be aggregated across websites and automatically summarized. At the same time, this data should be prepared in a representative manner and presented in an augmented reality environment.
In this project, an interactive AR app has to be implemented as a prototype using Unity in order to represent the aggregated data in a meaningful way.
Supervised: IKM
Building Resilient Infrastructure by Spanning Clouds
Creating applications that are resilient against failures sometimes requires the use of multiple data centers. The project aims to develop the means to deploy, test, and manage virtual machines across multiple cloud providers in cooperation with Hundertserver GmbH to enable easy management of resilient applications.
Supervised: ISE
Blockchain Logging Framework
CSIRO (Australia's national science agency) has developed a first general-purpose logging framework for decentralized apps running on Ethereum. It helps to easily access logging data on the blockchain for analysing its usage and potential failures. The project aims to extend the current framework to a new blockchain technology, Hyperledger, and increase the universal usability of the framework. The project is supervised by the Chair of Software & Business Engineering.
Supervised : SBE
weg-li - Recommender API and Android App
Parking violations of cars create dangerous situations and obstacles for pedestrians and cyclists every day. The weg-li platform provides an easy-to-use platform for reporting such violations to the authorities. In this project, the team shall develop a simple Android app and a recommender API which – using historical data – provides recommendations to users to help them fill-out the weg-li forms with a single click.
Supervised: MCC
Mercury - Modelling Fog Applications with Data Flow
The FogStore platform provides the means for quick assembly of data-intensive fog applications: FReD handles data distribution, tinyFaaS handles data transformation. In this project, the team shall develop a graphical modelling language for such applications as well as web-based modelling platform. The team shall also develop a middleware that automatically creates an application from the model and deploys it on the FogStore platform.
Supervised: MCC

The number of participants is limited. The selection of candidates and the arrangement of the teams is therefore subject to an application process. Skills in software development and Web technology are required.

Detailed information regarding project content, structure and application will be made available October, 7th on the corresponding ISIS-course: https://isis.tu-berlin.de/course/view.php?id=21237

Building Resilient Infrastructure by Spanning Clouds - DSP

Wednesday, 07. October 2020

This semester, ISE will offer a “cloud prototyping” project. The project is part of the modules “Advanced Distributed Systems Prototyping” / “Distributed Systems Prototyping”.

The project deals with the deployment, testing, and management of distributed applications that are deployed on multiple cloud providers. Some applications require more resilience, for instance in case a data center failure. One strategy to create resilience is to deploy applications across multiple cloud providers. However, the management and testing of such deployments is cumbersome and complicated. Together with Hundertserver, your task is to evaluate different methods to deploy, test, and manage servers across multiple cloud providers automatically.

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