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Running and Past Theses

Currently Running


"Scaling Criteria for Edge Computing"
BSc, supervised by Dr. Anselm Busse

"Detecting Performance Anomalies in Microservice Applications with Machine Learning"
MSc, supervised by Dominik Ernst


"Benchmarking Decentralised Wide Column Stores Beyond Naïve Read-Write Perspectives"
BSc, supervised by Frank Pallas and Maria Borges

"Betrugserkennung bei Blockchain Transaktionen mit Hilfe von Standortbezogenen Daten - Ein Systementwurf"
BSc, supervised by Jonathan Heiß

"Transparency in RESTful Architectures"
MSc, supervised by Frank Pallas

"A Framework for change-driven performance Benchmarking of FaaS Runtime Systems"
MSc, supervised by Jörn Kuhlenkamp and Sebastian Werner

"Performance- und Sicherheits-Evaluation des Open Source Object Store Minio"
BSc, supervised by Frank Pallas

"Klassifizierung von Ethereum Transaktionen mithilfe von semi-supervized Learning"
BSc, supervised by Jacob Eberhardt

"A Blockchain-based Location Verification System for Supply-chain Networks"
MSc, supervised by Jonathan Heiß and Maria Borges

"Klassifizierung und Evaluation von Oracles im Kontext Blockchain-basierter Energiemärkte"
BSc, supervised by Marco Peise and Jonathan Heiß

"Horizontal Scaling of Spatio-Temporal Publish-Subscribe Systems"
BSc, supervised by Maria Borges and Frank Pallas

"Design and Implementation of a FaaS Benchmarking System by Adapting BenchFoundry"
MSc, supervised by Sebastian Werner

"Privacy Preserving Usage of Meter Readings and Account Balances for Electricity Invoicing"
BSc, supervised by Jörn Kuhlenkamp

"Evaluierung von GraphQL im IoT Kontext"
BSc, supervised by Maria Borges

"Zero Downtime Cross Database Migrations Using GraphQL"
BSc, supervised by Maria Borges

"Classification and Evaluation of Oracle-Blockchain Systems for IoT-Applications"
MSc, supervised by Jonathan Heiß

"A Benchmarking Framework to Evaluate GraphQL Servers"
BSc, supervised by Jörn Kuhlenkamp and Maria Borges

"Benchmarking Open-Source FaaS Platforms"
MSc, supervised by Jörn Kuhlenkamp

"Sampling Strategies in the Presence of Failures: An Experimental Evaluation of Sampling in Distributed Tracing Using Fault Injection"
BSc, supervised by Dominik Ernst

"Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Blockchain-based Energy"
MSc, supervised by Jörn Kuhlenkamp and Jacob Eberhardt

"Using Web Protocols to Communicate Privacy Preferences "
Bsc, supervised by Max Ulbricht

"Metis: A Testing Framework for Sizing Container-based Cloud Services"
Msc, supervised by Jörn Kuhlenkamp

"A Blockchain-based Trustless Setup-Phase for zkSNARKs"
MSc, supervised by Jacob Eberhardt

Finished 2019

"Purpose-based Access Control in Function as a Service Environment"
MSc, supervised by Dr.-Ing. Frank Pallas and Max Ulbricht

"Anomaly Detection for Sampling in Distributed Tracing"
MSc, supervised by Dominik Ernst

"Design and Implementation of a Hippocratic NoSQL Database"
MSc, supervised by Max Ulbricht

"Performance of Data Imports when using FaaS"
BSc, supervised by Marco Peise and Sebastian Werner

"Automatisierte Entscheidungssysteme und die Datenschutzgrundverordnung"
BSc, supervised by Max Ulbricht

"Design und Implementierung eines Systems zur Verwaltung des digitalen Nachlasses"
Bsc, supervised by Max Ulbricht

"Applied zkSNARKS: ZoKrates-based implementation of Proof-of-Storage"
MSc, supervised by Jacob Eberhardt

"Implementing Private Transactions on the Ethereum Blockchain"
MSc, supervised by Jacob Eberhardt

"Using Web Protocols to Communicate Privacy Preferences "
Bsc, supervised by Max Ulbricht

"Blockchain-based Identity Management Systems"
MSc, supervised by Jacob Eberhardt

"Data Provenance for the Internet of Things"
BSc, supervised by Stefan Tai

"An Extensible Framework for Portability of Personal Data"
MSc, supervised by Dr.-Ing. Frank Pallas

"Decentralized Node Discovery in a Fog Computing Environment"
MSc, supervised by Sebastian Werner


"Run-time Cost Tracing in Serverless Applications"
BSc, supervised by Jörn Kuhlenkamp

"Comparison of Containerized and Serverless Microservice Deployment Methods"
BSc, supervised by Sebastian Werner

"Analyse von Qualitätseigenschaften für Software Architekturen am Beispiel von intermodalem Routing"
BSc, supervised by Sebastian Werner

"Cost-effectiveness of Alternate Microservice Deployment Methods"
MSc, supervised by Sebastian Werner

"Empirische Analyse der Nutzung Blockchain-basierter Identitätssysteme"
BSc, supervised by Frank Pallas

"Improving Data Processing Performance of FaaS Applications Utilizing Life-Cycle Hooks"
BSc, supervised by Sebastian Werner

"Data Integration Pattern Utilising Function-as-a-Service"
BSc, supervised by Marco Peise and Sebastian Werner

Finished 2018

"Preventing Stale State Attacks on Congested Blockchain Networks"
MSc, supervised by Marco Peise

"Key Management and Key Exchange for Client-side Encrypted Cloud Storage"
Bsc, supervised by Max Ulbricht

"Blockchain-based Corporate Annual General Meeting"
BSc, supervised by Dr.-Ing. Frank Pallas

"Sizing Cloud Infrastructure for Cloud-based Software Services"
BSc, supervised by Jörn Kuhlenkamp

"Charakterisierung von Fehlertoleranten Middlewaresystemen im IoT Kontext"
BSc, supervised by Marco Peise

"Design and Implementation of an Extensible Framework for Accessing Open Government Data"
MSc, supervised by Dr.-Ing. Frank Pallas

"Evaluation of Application Portability through Containerization for Full-Stack Web Applications"
MSc, supervised by Dominik Ernst

"Automated Performance Assessment for Canary Releasing of Microservices"
MSc, supervised by Dominik Ernst

"Experimental Analysis of Serverless Application Runtimes"
BSc, supervised by Dr.-Ing. Markus Klems

"Design, Development and Evaluation of a Voice-centric Multimodal System for Queries on Semistructured Data"
BSc, supervised by Dr.-Ing. Markus Klems

"Design, Development, and Evaluation of a Function-as-a-Service Performance Benchmarking Tool"
MSc, supervised by Dr.-Ing. Markus Klems

"A Blockchain-based Payment System for Microservices"
MSc, supervised by Dr.-Ing. Markus Klems

"A method for comparison of UI Development Frameworks in the context of SAP Enterprise Applications"
MSc, supervised by Dr.-Ing. Markus Klems



Finished 2017

"Evaluation von Blockchain-Technologien für Elektronische Wahlsysteme"
BSc, supervised by Jacob Eberhardt und Dr.-Ing. Frank Pallas

"Managing Access for the Internet of Things and Services in Eclipse SmartHome"
MSc, supervised by Dr.-Ing. David Bermbach und Dr.-Ing. Frank Pallas

"Strategien zur vertrauenslosen Interaktion von Blockchains am Beispiel von Ethereum und BigchainDB" 
BSc, supervised by Jacob Eberhardt

"Trust Implications of Sharding in Ethereum" 
BSc, supervised by Jacob Eberhardt

"Decentralized Access Control for Smart Locks based on Blockchain Technology" 
MSc, supervised by Jacob Eberhardt

"Towards Off-Chain Computation with Proven Correctness" 
MSc, supervised by Jacob Eberhardt

"Building a Scalable Geo-Temporal Database on Top of a Decentralized Column Store"
MSc, supervised by Dr.-Ing. Frank Pallas

"Establishing Trust in Container Images through Hashes and Digital Signatures"
BSc, supervised by Dominik Ernst

"Entwicklung eines Modells zur Klassifikation von ICOs"
BSc, supervised by Dominik Ernst

"Parallel Matrix Computations on Serverless Infrastructure"
MSc, supervised by Dr.-Ing. Markus Klems

"Design, Development and Evaluation of a Customizable Notification System for Websites"
BSc, supervised by Dr.-Ing. Markus Klems

"Design und Entwicklung eines A/B-Testing Systems basierend auf Serverless Computing"
BSc, supervised by Dr.-Ing. Markus Klems

"Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of an Open Source System for Serverless Microservices"
MSc, supervised by Dr.-Ing. Markus Klems

"Funktionalitätsbewahrende Verschlüsselungsverfahren – Technologieüberblick, Kategorisierung und Evaluation"
MSc, supervised by Dr.-Ing. Frank Pallas

Finished 2016

"Big Data in Banks" 
MSc, supervised by Dr.-Ing. Frank Pallas

"Implementing Transactional Guarantees in NoSQL Data Stores"
MSc, supervised by Dr.-Ing. David Bermbach

Finished 2015

"Large-Scale Online-Deliberation: Designanforderungen und Konzepte"
BSc, supervised by Dr.-Ing. Frank Pallas

"COROS - A Commutative Replicated Object Store"
BSc, supervised by Dr.-Ing. David Bermbach

"Economic Aspects of Instant Messaging"
BSc, supervised by Max-R. Ulbricht

Finished 2014

"Implementierungsstrategien für Joins in Big-Data-Szenarien"
MSc, supervised by Dr.-Ing. David Bermbach

"Untersuchung des Einflusses von Fehlern auf die Konsistenzeigenschaften von NoSQL-Systemen"
MSc, supervised by Dr.-Ing. David Bermbach

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