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Dr.-Ing. Jacob Eberhardt

Profielbild Jacob

Jacob joined the ISE research group in August 2015 after graduating from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), where he focussed on cloud computing and theoretical finance. Jacob successfully defended his dissertation in 2021 with the topic "Scalable Privacy-preserving Off-chain Computations".

Jacob's research focuses on novel concepts and approaches in distributed systems design with contributions in cloud computing, blockchains, and decentralized application architectures. He develops novel approaches to improve blockchain's scalability and privacy through off-chaining, and applies them to relevant ecosystem problems in different application domains, e.g., energy and finance. As part of his research, he created ZoKrates, a language, and toolbox for zkSNARKs on Ethereum. ZoKrates won a best paper award, a $70000 Samsung Next Stack Zero grant, and its ongoing development is supported by the Ethereum Foundation.

Publications since 2015

EVM-Perf: High-Precision EVM Performance Analysis
Zitatschlüssel busse_et_al_icbc_2021
Autor Anselm Busse and Jacob Eberhardt and Stefan Tai
Buchtitel 2021 IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (ICBC)
Seiten 1–8
Jahr 2021
DOI 10.1109/icbc51069.2021.9461058
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