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Dr.-Ing. Markus Klems


Markus Klems is a graduate of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) where he received a Diplom degree in Industrial Engineering and started his PhD studies in the eOrganization research group, moved to Berlin in 2014 and continued his PhD studies at TU Berlin. In 2016 Markus completed his dissertation and worked as a PostDoc in the Information Systems Engineering (ISE) group at TU Berlin. In April of 2018 Markus left ISE to become the CTO of the WeAdvice AG.

Since 2010, Markus works on applied research problems of distributed systems and cloud computing, in the context of academic and industry projects. His current research interests are in particular blockchain technologies and modern cloud systems (container technologies, microservice and serverless architectures).

Markus is interested in open source technologies for building modern distributed systems, such as NoSQL databases (Cassandra, HBase, Riak, Redis, etc.), Netflix OSS Stack, IBM OSS technologies (OpenWhisk, CloudFoundry, Hyperledger), Ethereum, Solidity, etc. Over the years, he has gained extensive experience with various cloud platforms, such as AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and IBM Bluemix.

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Serverless Big Data Processing using Matrix Multiplication as Example
Citation key paper_werner_et_al_Serverless_big_data_Matrix
Author S. Werner and J. Kuhlenkamp and M. Klems and Johannes Müller and S. Tai
Title of Book IEEE International Conference on BigData 2018
Year 2018
Link to publication Download Bibtex entry

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